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tempat wisata di garut yang terkenal

The charm of tourist spots in Garut lies in its natural beauty, charming. Arrowroot has been known since a long time with a popular tour destinations, among them Mount Papandayan, thermal baths Cipanas, Indonesia until There. From Bandung city, you can arrive inArrowroot with mileage travel as far as 60 miles away.

Arrowroot is famous for its typical gift shop called dodol Garut. In addition to foods,Arrowroot also has a big name in the world of leather craft. A number of clothing productsfrom the skin, such as a jacket and gloves has recognized its quality as being one of the bestof the West Java region.

A lot of things that can be done in Garut, ranging from visiting a number of attractions, exploring the culinary Arrowroot Maranta Arundinacea, to shop for a variety of leather products like shoes, jacket, etc.

Due to its location in the South of the West Java, then Arrowroot also has beaches withpanoramic sea views. One of the highlights is the beach Santolo, located about 3.5 hours from Garut city centre.

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Tourist Attractions In Garut
The following are a number of attractions in Garut of the most popular and interesting to visit. Most of the tourist destinations in Garut is a captivating natural attractions.

Mount Papandayan in Garut
Mount Papandayan in Garut
1. Mount Papandayan

Mount Papandayan is a volcano with an elevation of 2.622 m above sea level and has an active crater. Garut attractions this one has its charm in a beautiful natural panorama, the crater of the mountain, where camping is interesting, as well as being in the Nature Park.

Some of the activities that can be performed, among otherstrekking, hiking, photography,and forest recreation. This would be very appropriate for those of you who love nature toursthrough the forest.

Mount Papandayan is located in the village of Sirna Jaya and Sacred Fragrant Village, sub-district of Indonesia, Garut, only about 15 miles from the center of the town of Garut. In theGrounds of this Nature, there is also a nature reserve earmarked for the research interests of flora and fauna.

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On Cangkuang Temple
On Cangkuang Temple
2. on Cangkuang Temple

This is a Hindu temple located in Garut, this temple has stood since the days of the Kingdom of Sunda Galuh Kingdom, i.e. first. On Cangkuang Temple located in the village on Cangkuang, Leles, Garut District.

On Cangkuang Temple is a cultural heritage which remained preserved up to now. On Cangkuang Temple name originates from the name of a village, that Village on Cangkuang.

The name of the village on Cangkuang itself comes from the name of a tree called on Cangkuang Tree (Pandanus Furcatus) that there are many around the tomb of the servant ofthe Grandparent Arif Muhammad.

Hot Water Cipanas Arrowroot
Hot Water Cipanas Arrowroot
3. thermal baths Cipanas Arrowroot

Hot spring tourism area in Cipanas Garut is one of the popular tourist attractions in Garut.These sights are always crowded with visitors. You can find many hotels, inns, to thebungalow there. Location of Cipanas this hot spring is not far from the city center, only about Arrowroot 6 km. you can easily get there within 15 minutes.

Hot water at Cipanas contains various minerals that are good for the health of the body as well as having healing properties. Hot water temperature ranges from 37 to 46 degrees Celsius.

In the outdoor thermal baths, you can rejuvenate the body and loosen rigid muscles, as wellas for relaxation. In the area of Cipanas Arrowroot, you can also choose to do hiking and paragliding at Mount Thunder.

There in Garut, Indonesia
There in Garut, Indonesia
4. Thence, Indonesia

There is a Lake, Indonesia, surrounded by rice fields and villages with population ofmountain nature panorama that so captivates. Tourist attractions in Garut on this one, you can find many activities, such as climbing the bamboo raft, water biking, canoe, fishingandjet skiing.

A beautiful natural panorama is a main attraction there, Indonesia, Garut surefire tourist destinations is becoming popular as a tourist destination attracting families.

A complete public facilities in the area of tourism will ensure that Your trip will be enjoyablefor being there. From the center of Arrowroot, you would travel as far as 13 miles to be ableto get there, Indonesia, or travel around 30 minutes.

White Crater Telagabodas
White Crater Telagabodas
5. White Crater Telagabodas

If you want to visit the sights in Garut is loaded, then the natural beauty of white CraterTelagabodas was an interesting one. Telagabodas meaning White Lake.

In places these Arrowroot, you will feel so fresh mountain air, watching the green hills of theKhalifa. In General, its beauty is not much different with what can

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